Southern Lights Flight ex Brisbane


Departing from Brisbane you will fly into the night, to witness one of the world’s most magical natural phenomena, the Aurora Australis or Southern Lights. On board a Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner you will head over the Southern Sea aiming for the Aurora Zone. Departing from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane these flights will take you far away from light pollution, high above the clouds and weather systems. The exact route will depend on the activity of the Aurora Australis on the night. Seeing the Southern Lights from the comfort of the Qantas Dreamliner is a magical and unforgettable experience.

Throughout the flights you will receive a full inflight catering service in both business and economy classes. Expert astronomers will provide information on route about how an aurora is created, as well as pointing out their favourite night sky objects. They will instruct you on how to photograph an aurora and we will have a professional photographer onboard to assist on how best to use your cameras.

This is a Unique trip not to be missed!


  • Economy Seats, ask us to upgrade!
  • Two Full-Service QANTAS meals plus snacks
  • Full Bar Service including champagne, beer, spirits and soft drinks
  • Choose your viewing on the in seat entertainment system
  • Knowledge and leadership by expert on board photographers and astronomers

Economy Seat from $1,417 per person

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